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How VELUX Skylights Can Improve Your Life: Part 3

Homeowners who purchase skylights love the way that they allow for maximum light and fresh air. However, VELUX Skylights also carry a number of additional benefits. They function as a beautiful design element in any home, helping to cut down

How Velux Skylights Can Improve Your Life: Part 2

Skylights are popular among homeowners due to their energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. However, there are plenty of other ways in which skylights can make your life better. Here are four more reasons why you should seriously consider adding a skylight

How VELUX Skylights Can Improve Your Life

Skylights are among the most underrated features you can add to your home. Because they’re installed on the ceiling, some people can fail to notice how greatly a good skylight improves a room. Those homeowners who’ve had skylights installed in

Velux Skylights Roof Windows—Giving Your Attic A Whole New Personality

Velux offers a wide variety of roof window skylights to help you transform those unused spaces in your home. It is not uncommon for homeowners these days to turn their attics and above-garage spaces into offices, workshops, craft rooms, man

Don’t Be Afraid of Skylight Installation

  Are you a roofing company that refers potential customers to a “skylight installer”, rather than taking that business for yourself? Do you believe that skylights are nothing but a headache, and are bound to leak eventually? Well, that may

Are You Throwing Money Out The Window?

You may be doing just that without even realizing it! If you have skylights in your home and they are not Velux skylights, you should read this because the difference between older skylights and Velux “Fresh Air Skylights” is night

Kick Back And Cool Down With Vented Skylights

If your home could use a natural light source and a way to let the breeze in, Velux Fresh Air Skylights could be the skylights for you. Does your kitchen have enough windows?  What about your living room?  Have you

Velux Fixed Skylights Will Light Up Your Life

Not enough light in your home?  Fixed Skylights could be exactly what you need! Nobody wants a dark room in their home.  However, many of us are forced to live with rooms that lack the amount of light we really

Which Velux Skylight Is The Right One For You?

It is no secret that skylights are extremely beneficial to you and your family.  They not only maximize the daylight and ventilation inside of your home but save you money in the process.  For this reason, more and more folks

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