Don’t Be Afraid of Skylight Installation


Velux skylight installation

Velux skylight installation

Are you a roofing company that refers potential customers to a “skylight installer”, rather than taking that business for yourself? Do you believe that skylights are nothing but a headache, and are bound to leak eventually? Well, that may have been the case before Velux perfected skylights. Now you can become that Velux skylight installer that your customers are looking for without fear that you are going to be opening the window to problems. Velux skylights make it easy with a No Leak Guarantee and expert flashing kits for all types of roofs.

Skylights have come a long way in the past twenty years, and with the trend toward “Green Buildings”, more homeowners and businesses alike are incorporating Velux skylights into their properties to take advantage of the natural light and ventilation that can bring cost savings and create a more healthy environment.

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) report* released in March 2017 states that residential skylight sales for 2016 were 960,000 units – that’s up 4% from 2015. New construction skylight activity grew 10% with remodeling and replacement skylight activity rising at a steady 2%. With Energy Star Federal Tax Credit of 30% on new skylight installation available through 2019, those numbers are bound to keep climbing.

Wondering how much you can profit? Here are the national average Velux skylight installation costs to the customer while doing a re-roofing job:

  • New cut-in at an average install time of 8-10 hours = $1,500
  • Replacement at an average install time of 30 minutes = $500

Watch this video to see how a proper installation can save you a headache and keep your wallet happy!

Want to get started raking in the profits of installing Velux skylights?

Let Skylights For Less work with Velux for you.

Our website, has installation instructions in the resources section. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives are available to answer any product question and help you place an order. We also offer quantity discounts, free shipping, and flexible payment options! If you are looking for ways to manage your cash flow, be sure to look into our Blue Tarp Financing program.

Happy roofing!

-The Skylights for Less Team

*U.S. Industry Statistical Review & Forecast 2016/2017