Eight Stunning Attic Conversion Ideas

Attics and Skylights go hand in hand.  Since their first days on the scene Velux Skylights were created to allow home owners to expand into their poorly lit and vent-less attics for additional living space.  Putting an addition on your house will cost big $$, take a lot of planning and even more hard work.  If you have any attic space at all, and a bit of creativity you can transform that space to meet your families ever expanding needs!    Check out the examples I show below and how amazing your often overlooked attic space can become!
#1. Attic Loft – This attic was opened up to create a beautiful loft space.  The ceiling height is so low it likely would not meet code for an enclosed bedroom, but as a sitting room, loft sleeping area, or workout room as shown here it would work well.  A loft room like this works much better than a pull out couch allowing your guest some additional privacy in the loft.  Note that with the addition of skylights the room feels much taller and more welcoming.  These skylights appear to be fixed, but it would be worthwhile to have at least a couple of them be vented skylights to allow the hot upper level air escape in warmer months.
#2. Attic Room – This room is called a bedroom on Houzz, but it also opens up space for a sitting area.  The skylights shown here have integrated blinds for privacy.  With no end windows the skylights are almost necessary, but save a ton of money over doing dormers.  The roof line almost adds to the appeal of this room, making it feel that much more cozy.
#3. Attic Gym – This architect appears to have a couple dormers and end windows to work with in this airy attic space.  In cases where the dormers are not present, skylights would be an ideal alternative.  The highlight of this room is the exposed truss members by inlaying the drywall.  This process can be labor-intensive and expensive but has a dramatic effect in both look and feel with the additional square footage of above the floor space.
#4. Attic Study – This tiny attic was converted to allow for a modern den in an otherwise unused space.  The architects kept it simple and again exposed the beams with inlaid drywall.
#5. Modern Attic Bedroom – This bright white bedroom worked with the space they had leaving the mid-room truss members as is.  Simply adding flooring and drywall around the beams has created a beautiful artistic triangle archway to the bed.  Three skylights shown allow in so much natural light you nearly forget that this probably used to be a drab dusty attic space that was uninhabitable!
#6. Vaulted Ceilings – By vaulting the ceiling in a room up to the roof line you can pull the attic space into your lower level floors.  The skylights in this roof now provide ample natural light for this kitchen to not need artificial lighting during daylight hours.  This out-of-the-box design took this kitchen to a level that could not be found with a standard flat ceiling.
#7. Attic Kids Bedroom – Thought a 3 BR was going to be big enough?  For this family it appears they needed more bedroom space and decided to go up!  The two skylights and side end window make this bedroom quite enjoyable!
#8. Lofted sitting porch – These home owners took their sitting porch design seriously!  Lofted ceiling with skylights, and outdoor flat screen and fireplace.  This outdoor room paid for itself with the value it added to their home.
I hope these examples have shown you the value of attic space in your home.  It is out of sight right now, just waiting for you to find a creative way to utilize it!  I hope you noticed that all of the best attic conversions had amazing day lighting solutions, which more often than not are skylights.  Skylights + Attics = Perfection!

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