How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Light

velux_skylight_light_woman_readingYour home may not always seem like it, but it is an investment. Sometimes you might wonder why you made this investment in the first place! People struggle with all types of issues with their house, but ultimately, it is your family’s home, and being able to leverage your better judgement into decisions that slow down its depreciation is important. To maintain, or improve, the value of your home you need to act deliberately and confidently in choosing projects that can produce results which you, your family, and potential buyers will find value in – otherwise, you could be throwing away cash. If you are looking to repurpose that dark and drab place in your home that has bothered you since you moved in, transform it into a space that has value; and, not just sentimental value.


You already know that spot in your house that could use more light. In fact, you’ve already decided that you need to do something about it. You’ve looked at examples of just how effective a Velux skylight can be in altering the look and feel of a room. Maybe you’ve looked at the different types of skylights, from fixed to manual to solar to electric, and watched the tutorials on just how simple it is to install one. You might’ve researched the blinds and accessories you would need to maximize your skylight’s value. You’ve even gone so far as to call up a local contractor to get a quote on how much they would charge you to do install one. Yet the space you want to transform remains left in the dark.

man scratching headIt seems as if you have made the decision, but why haven’t you committed to the installation of a skylight?


The answer is simple: It is an intimidating decision to commit to. Despite the laundry list of benefits that installing a Velux skylight can have on a room, you are still paying to cut a hole in your roof. You aren’t the first (and won’t be the last) to field some internal doubt about it. Many homeowners have a difficult time committing to the home improvements they’d like to make, but as you will see, installing a deck-mounted or curb-mounted Velux skylight isn’t as complicated as you may think.


If the prospects of improving your home’s usable space or boosting its overall value aren’t enough for you to pull the trigger, consider some of the other valuable benefits a Velux skylight can present:

  • Exposure to More Natural Light – Natural light is not only more aesthetically pleasing than artificial light, it has many health benefits, and tends to make people more alert, attentive, and focused.
  • Better Ventilation – With an electric or manual venting Velux skylight, your home will have superior ventilation and help you cut down on your cooling costs.
  • Saves You Money – Since skylights are literally windows on your roof, you will be exposed to more of the sun’s light, making your home less expensive to power, and to heat.

open venting skylight

Once you’ve made the decision to go ahead and move forward installing a Velux skylight, and allowing up to 30% more light into your home, you surely won’t regret it. The SkylightsForLess team can assist you with any of your skylight-related questions to help you determine the best fit for your situation, your home, and your budget. For more information, call us today at 1 (800) 284-5194.


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