How Velux Skylights Can Improve Your Life: Part 2

Velux Skylights - Great room

Skylights are popular among homeowners due to their energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. However, there are plenty of other ways in which skylights can make your life better. Here are four more reasons why you should seriously consider adding a skylight to your home.

Your Eyes Need More Light Than You Think

Any aging person will tell you that, as you get older, you need more and more light to see the things in front of you. This is due, in part, to the fact that our pupils shrink in size and the lenses on our eyeballs get thicker over the years. As early as in our mid-20s, our eyes start to need more light in order to function optimally.

It is important, therefore, to make sure that the kitchen and other rooms in our home provide all of the light we need. Skylights are a great solution to this problem. Whereas windows only offer enough light on bright, sunny days, skylights spread the light out evenly throughout any room. There is no better way to maximize the amount of light in your home than by installing a skylight.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Privacy

Many of us live uncomfortably close to our neighbors. We may not always notice it, but when you step back and look at the distance between your neighbor’s house and your own, it becomes apparent just how susceptible you could be to prying eyes. Skylights are a great alternative to windows in rooms where the people next door might be able to catch a glimpse in.

Because skylights are installed in the ceiling, you don’t have to worry about anyone being able to see in. Even better, with Velux blinds, you can close them whenever you want to. That way, you can maintain complete privacy even when someone is working on the roof. 

Take Control of Your Light

Some Velux Skylight models feature light-diffusing blinds that allow you to control the amount of sunshine that enters your house. If you’re watching a movie while the sun is still out or just want to tone down the lights so you can take a nap, you’ll love having the ability to adjust the light accordingly.

All of the Velux light-diffusing blinds are controlled using a hand-held remote control. The remote allows you to control the blinds from wherever you’re standing so you don’t have to climb up in order to adjust anything. You can even use the remote to automate your blinds so that they’ll open and close at a scheduled time, everyday.

Stay Safe from the Weather

If you’re considering a skylight installation, you may be worried about leaking or floods. After all, won’t a skylight left open allow rain to pour into your home?

Well, not with Velux Skylights! Velux equips their skylights with a rain sensor that closes the hinge automatically upon sensing signs of rain. The frame is also triple-protected by layers of weather and water-resistant sealant. You’ll never have to worry about water or cold air leaking into your house.

And if you’re worried that your skylight might get damaged, it is exposed to the elements after all, there is no need to fear! Check out this video from VELUX Australia (where they know a thing or two about bad weather).  They put a VELUX Skylight to the test against baseball sized hail balls shot at speeds over 100mph, and there was ZERO DAMAGE!  Seriously, check out the video, it’s pretty cool stuff!

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