How VELUX Skylights Can Improve Your Life: Part 3

Man sitting in living room enjoying natural light from VELUX Skylights

Multiple VELUX Skylights in living room

Homeowners who purchase skylights love the way that they allow for maximum light and fresh air. However, VELUX Skylights also carry a number of additional benefits.

They function as a beautiful design element in any home, helping to cut down on electricity costs in the process. With the VELUX Active System, skylight owners can turn their very own house into a technologically-integrated smart home, complete with a remotely-operated source of fresh air. 

Unique Design Opportunities

VELUX Skylights open a whole new world of design opportunities for every homeowner. While a traditional window can actually limit the potential for creative design by taking up significant wall space, a skylight provides more light in a space-efficient manner.

You’ll love having the ability to fill your home with decorative shelving, artwork or other ornaments while still reaping the benefits of sunlight as it pours into the room. Your beautifully painted walls and decorations will shine under the light provided by your new skylight.

Best of all, skylights can be installed in any room of the house, giving you the opportunity to transform the tone of your entire home. The walls of kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and even hallways or closets can be completely freed up, allowing you to create the house of your dreams.

Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly

While many people believe that skylights are more expensive than traditional windows, this isn’t actually the case. VELUX Skylights offers a solar-powered “Fresh Air” model that qualifies for a 30% tax credit, making it both a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly investment. Those who purchase the skylight will save on the cost of the product itself as well as on the installation.

In the long-run, skylights will enable you to cut down on the cost of electricity and air-conditioning. With sunshine beaming down into the home, there won’t be any need to have the lights on during the day and an open skylight will provide all of the cool, fresh air you need. This, of course, is a benefit to homeowners and to the environment itself.

Smarter Than Ever

The VELUX Active System gives homeowners the benefit of not having to worry about leaving the window open at the right time. These windows are accompanied by a smart technology system that can be controlled by a mobile remote or set to automatic. The window will use its interior atmosphere sensors and data collected from the nearest weather station to open and close according to your favorite temperatures. If you’d like, your window will open before you even wake up on a warm, sunny day, allowing you to enjoy fresh air from the moment you get out of bed.

With VELUX Skylights, you’ll never have to worry about letting cold air in or allowing warm air to leak out. Just link the skylight’s smart technology to your smartphone and use it to open or close the windows from wherever you are.

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