Kick Back And Cool Down With Vented Skylights

If your home could use a natural light source and a way to let the breeze in, Velux Fresh Air Skylights could be the skylights for you.

Woman putting flowers in a vase in bedroom with Velux Solar Skylights and Velux Blinds

Velux Vented Skylights and Skylight Blinds in bedroom

Does your kitchen have enough windows?  What about your living room?  Have you ever wished that you could let more light and airflow into your home?  If you think that your life could benefit from an eco-friendly and cost-effective source of light and air, you may have already considered installing skylights in your home.

However, it is important to note that not all skylights allow both light and air into the room.  Certain skylights are designed to strictly provide more light.  While this is perfect for those folks who are looking to cut down on electricity costs used to light the home, you may want to consider a skylight that will also help you cut down on the cost of cooling your home, as well.  If so, Velux Skylights “Fresh Air” model could be exactly what you need.

What are Fresh Air skylights?

Essentially, the Fresh Air skylight is a Velux brand signature model of what is commonly known as a “vented” skylight.  Whereas a “fixed” skylight is a static window in the ceiling that cannot be opened, a vented skylight features a hinged-arm mechanism that enables you to open and close the window as you please.  This type of skylight provides an affordable solution to home cooling systems and enables you to circulate air through your house without having to rely on expensive, electrically-powered air-conditioning units.

While most vented skylights are manually-powered, however, Velux provides you with a wide range of customizable skylight options.  Velux Fresh Air skylights are available in a number of colors, can be curb-mounted or deck-mounted and are compatible with a range light-blocking blind options.  Additionally, Velux Skylights offers their Fresh Air model in manual, electric and solar-powered versions to suit the needs of you and your home.


The manual version of the Velux Skylights Fresh Air model is best for those who have easy access to their skylight.  If installed in an attic or an above-garage space, for example, you may find that it is possible for you to easily open and close the skylight on your own.  The manual Fresh Air skylight is a great way to allow light into a second-story bedroom or circulate air through the top floor of your home.


For those of you who might not be able to physically access your skylight, you may want to consider having an electric Velux Fresh Air Skylight installed.  Unlike the manual version, this model comes equipped with remote-controlled technology that enables you to open and close it at the touch of a button.  A favorite among those who own Velux Skylights, the electric model is perfect if your skylight is installed on a tall ceiling in a living room, kitchen or bathroom.


 Much like the electric model, the solar-powered Fresh Air skylight is at the cutting-edge of skylight technology.  While it also comes with a remote control, this skylight uses sunlight to charge and operate.  Therefore, you’ll be able to open and close your skylight without increasing the cost of your electricity bill.  In this way, Velux offers you one of the most eco-friendly and cost-effective sources of light and fresh air available on the skylight market.