Velux Skylights Roof Windows—Giving Your Attic A Whole New Personality


Velux offers a wide variety of roof window skylights to help you transform those unused spaces in your home.

It is not uncommon for homeowners these days to turn their attics and above-garage spaces into offices, workshops, craft rooms, man caves and even extra bedrooms. While these spaces have a bad reputation for being dark, damp rooms used for storing all of your old stuff, they can be transformed into vibrant and livable spaces with just a little work.

If you’re looking to turn your attic or above-garage into a useful and lively extra room, Velux Skylights has created the perfect product for you. Velux’s line of roof windows are designed specifically for those who want to allow more light and fresh air into those attic-type spaces. Velux roof windows are inexpensive, economically-friendly and adored by homeowners everywhere. By installing a Velux roof window in your home, you’ll find yourself with a whole new room to utilize.

Velux Skylights roof windows are available in four models:

Velux Top-Hinged Roof Windows

 While your attic space might be dark and deprived of light at the moment, a Velux top-hinged roof window can change your life completely. This window features and upward-opening panel, giving you the ability to take in full panoramic views of the area around your home. You’ll be able to let fresh air into any roof-level room that needs it!

Sounds difficult to clean? Don’t worry! Velux has designed their roof windows to pivot inwards, giving you full access for window cleaning!

Velux Center-Pivot Roof Windows

 The Velux center-pivot roof window is perfect for those homeowners who have a low ceiling that could use some fresh air and sunshine. This window can easily be installed to accommodate furniture and will provide you with the ability to enjoy a view of your backyard or neighborhood. With their center-pivot roof window, Velux Skylights has developed a fantastic solution for homeowners seeking an affordable way to enjoy natural ventilation.

Velux Roof Access Roof Window

This full access, side-hinged roof window gives you full access to your roof. When opened fully, you’ll not only be able to enjoy the view of your surroundings but will also gain access to the roof allowing for maintenance or even egress in an emergency. The Velux roof access roof window can be installed with a left or right hinged to suit your needs.

Homeowners love the panoramic view that their Velux Skylights roof access roof window provides.

Velux CABRIO® Balcony Roof Window

With the CABRIO® balcony roof window, Velux Skylights has developed a way for you to have a skylight and a balcony installed at the same time. This unique design functions as a natural source of light and fresh air while giving you the balcony your attic or above-garage always needed. You’ll love being able to crack open your skylight and stand at the balcony as your enjoy your morning coffee, watch the birds fly by or gaze at the stars in the sky above your home.

Like all of the Velux Skylights roof window models, the CABRIO® features an innovative natural ventilation flap. This amazing feature allows you to let fresh air into your home without having to open the window. You can lock the window and pull the ventilation bar downwards to enjoy safety, comfort and fresh, ventilated air at the same time!

Don’t Be Afraid of Skylight Installation


Velux skylight installation

Velux skylight installation

Are you a roofing company that refers potential customers to a “skylight installer”, rather than taking that business for yourself? Do you believe that skylights are nothing but a headache, and are bound to leak eventually? Well, that may have been the case before Velux perfected skylights. Now you can become that Velux skylight installer that your customers are looking for without fear that you are going to be opening the window to problems. Velux skylights make it easy with a No Leak Guarantee and expert flashing kits for all types of roofs.

Skylights have come a long way in the past twenty years, and with the trend toward “Green Buildings”, more homeowners and businesses alike are incorporating Velux skylights into their properties to take advantage of the natural light and ventilation that can bring cost savings and create a more healthy environment.

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) report* released in March 2017 states that residential skylight sales for 2016 were 960,000 units – that’s up 4% from 2015. New construction skylight activity grew 10% with remodeling and replacement skylight activity rising at a steady 2%. With Energy Star Federal Tax Credit of 30% on new skylight installation available through 2019, those numbers are bound to keep climbing.

Wondering how much you can profit? Here are the national average Velux skylight installation costs to the customer while doing a re-roofing job:

  • New cut-in at an average install time of 8-10 hours = $1,500
  • Replacement at an average install time of 30 minutes = $500

Watch this video to see how a proper installation can save you a headache and keep your wallet happy!

Want to get started raking in the profits of installing Velux skylights?

Let Skylights For Less work with Velux for you.

Our website, has installation instructions in the resources section. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives are available to answer any product question and help you place an order. We also offer quantity discounts, free shipping, and flexible payment options! If you are looking for ways to manage your cash flow, be sure to look into our Blue Tarp Financing program.

Happy roofing!

-The Skylights for Less Team

*U.S. Industry Statistical Review & Forecast 2016/2017

Are You Throwing Money Out The Window?

You may be doing just that without even realizing it! If you have skylights in your home and they are not Velux skylights, you should read this because the difference between older skylights and Velux “Fresh Air Skylights” is night and day. Current Velux skylight models have an advanced engineered glass system that can keep the cold and heat out while letting the maximum amount of light in.

Here is the Science

It starts with low-emissivity (Low E3) glass, a unique triple-coated glass capable of reflecting greater solar heat gain without any tinting. In fact, it outperforms tinted glass in heat reflectance as well as fade resistance for surfaces exposed to solar rays. It blocks 95% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, thus protecting your interior, all while maintaining comfortable temperatures!

The superior insulating capability of Low E3 glass partnered with Velux’s patented gasket system of double-sealed panes, stainless steel spacer bar, and 95% argon gas is a key factor in the construction of efficient skylights – especially in colder climates! Not only does a well-insulated skylight unit keep out the cold, but it can reduce condensation as well. In lab tests, the Low E3 glass maintains an interior surface temperature between 52°-60° while exterior temperatures are as low as -20°! The dramatic comfort improvement from warm glass surfaces means the relative humidity of the indoor air can be controlled and maintained properly. Proper humidity levels (not too much, not too little) will improve comfort and promote a healthier living environment.

Here are the Savings

The natural light that a skylight brings can help reduce your lighting costs. Venting skylights can help homeowners save money on air conditioning costs.

The energy savings attainable with current Velux skylight models is about 35% higher than what they used to be on the dual-pane clear glass models from 1990. If you have acrylic bubble skylights or blackout blinds, the energy savings are even greater!

Velux Solar Powered 'Fresh Air' Skylight

Velux solar powered ‘Fresh Air’ skylight

 30% Federal Tax Credit on Solar Skylights

If you have an older, fixed skylight and upgrade to a Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight, you can bring fresh air as well as natural light into your home for an average of just $100* more than a standard fixed skylight after tax credit. A solar powered replacement Velux Skylight and accessories are eligible for a 30% Federal tax credit until 2019, averaging between $330 and $480.* If you add a factory installed solar powered blind to the skylight, the tax credit will cover the cost of the new blind. Since it’s entirely solar powered, there is no need for an electrical connection. When installing a new skylight, the Federal tax credit averages between $540 and $720.*

The Skylight that Cleans Itself

Velux’s Patented Neat Glass Technology helps to keep views clear. A titanium dioxide layer on the Neat Glass reacts chemically with the sun’s UV rays and causes organic materials that are on the glass to decompose. It works even on cloudy days, as 80% of UV radiation gets through cloud cover. When it rains, the decomposed dirt no longer clings to the glass, easily rinsing away!

How the “Fresh Air” Skylight Gets its Name

The Velux “Fresh Air” Skylight is a venting unit, able to open and close just like a window. It can be controlled remotely, so you don’t need to use an extension pole to access it. Velux’s “Fresh Air” Skylight can be solar, electrically, or manually powered.

In solar models, a rain sensor is built in to close the unit in the event of inclement weather while you’re away. A solar panel captures daylight and uses it to recharge the highly efficient, fully concealed battery powered operator system which opens and closes the skylight.

*Savings will vary according to the skylight model, number of skylights, and installation cost. Calculations are based on the estimated costs for both the product and installation. These estimates were generated assuming a typical installation using national averages for construction costs. See the Solar Shade Tax Credit page for more information:




Kick Back And Cool Down With Vented Skylights

If your home could use a natural light source and a way to let the breeze in, Velux Fresh Air Skylights could be the skylights for you.

Woman putting flowers in a vase in bedroom with Velux Solar Skylights and Velux Blinds

Velux Vented Skylights and Skylight Blinds in bedroom

Does your kitchen have enough windows?  What about your living room?  Have you ever wished that you could let more light and airflow into your home?  If you think that your life could benefit from an eco-friendly and cost-effective source of light and air, you may have already considered installing skylights in your home.

However, it is important to note that not all skylights allow both light and air into the room.  Certain skylights are designed to strictly provide more light.  While this is perfect for those folks who are looking to cut down on electricity costs used to light the home, you may want to consider a skylight that will also help you cut down on the cost of cooling your home, as well.  If so, Velux Skylights “Fresh Air” model could be exactly what you need.

What are Fresh Air skylights?

Essentially, the Fresh Air skylight is a Velux brand signature model of what is commonly known as a “vented” skylight.  Whereas a “fixed” skylight is a static window in the ceiling that cannot be opened, a vented skylight features a hinged-arm mechanism that enables you to open and close the window as you please.  This type of skylight provides an affordable solution to home cooling systems and enables you to circulate air through your house without having to rely on expensive, electrically-powered air-conditioning units.

While most vented skylights are manually-powered, however, Velux provides you with a wide range of customizable skylight options.  Velux Fresh Air skylights are available in a number of colors, can be curb-mounted or deck-mounted and are compatible with a range light-blocking blind options.  Additionally, Velux Skylights offers their Fresh Air model in manual, electric and solar-powered versions to suit the needs of you and your home.


The manual version of the Velux Skylights Fresh Air model is best for those who have easy access to their skylight.  If installed in an attic or an above-garage space, for example, you may find that it is possible for you to easily open and close the skylight on your own.  The manual Fresh Air skylight is a great way to allow light into a second-story bedroom or circulate air through the top floor of your home.


For those of you who might not be able to physically access your skylight, you may want to consider having an electric Velux Fresh Air Skylight installed.  Unlike the manual version, this model comes equipped with remote-controlled technology that enables you to open and close it at the touch of a button.  A favorite among those who own Velux Skylights, the electric model is perfect if your skylight is installed on a tall ceiling in a living room, kitchen or bathroom.


 Much like the electric model, the solar-powered Fresh Air skylight is at the cutting-edge of skylight technology.  While it also comes with a remote control, this skylight uses sunlight to charge and operate.  Therefore, you’ll be able to open and close your skylight without increasing the cost of your electricity bill.  In this way, Velux offers you one of the most eco-friendly and cost-effective sources of light and fresh air available on the skylight market.

Velux Fixed Skylights Will Light Up Your Life

Not enough light in your home?  Fixed Skylights could be exactly what you need!

Nobody wants a dark room in their home.  However, many of us are forced to live with rooms that lack the amount of light we really want.  Because our homes weren’t built with a sufficient number of windows, we are forced to use lamps to supply light in our bedrooms, kitchens and hallways.

Fortunately, skylights provide an easy and affordable alternative to lamps and other artificial light sources.  Velux offers a fixed skylight model that can be easily installed in your roof, maximizing the amount of light that enters your home.  With a new Velux Skylight letting light in through the ceiling, you can enjoy the sunshine from inside your home.

Here are a few benefits to Velux Fixed Skylights:

Streamlined Profile

 While nearly everyone would love a skylight in their bedroom or kitchen, many homeowners fear that it would be visually unappealing to those looking at the house from the outside.  In the past, skylights were installed in a way that they protruded from the roof of the house.  Many people found these to be unsightly or even ugly.

The Velux fixed skylight, however, can be installed in such a way that its profile meshes seamlessly with the roofline of the house.  It doesn’t obstruct the roofline and is appealing to even those who find skylights unpleasant to look at.  With a Velux fixed skylight in your roof, your home will only look more elegant.

Velux Skylights

Velux skylights on roof

Easy Pick&Click™ Blind Installation

If you’d prefer to have blinds on your fixed skylight, Velux offers a simple and affordable solution for you.  The Velux Pick&Click™ Blind system can be easily installed around your fixed skylight, giving you the ability to allow light in and maintain your privacy whenever you’d like.

Velux Pick&Click™ Blinds are simply a bracket system that can be mounted to the perimeter of your Velux Skylight at any angle, providing the opportunity to open and close your blinds at will.  They can easily be fitted to any Velux window and require no cutting or trimming, making blind installation as easy as ever.

Flexible Installation

 Velux fixed skylights have been purposefully designed for easy installation in nearly any roof.  Whereas past models featured a drywall groove that made their installation slightly more difficult, the new Velux fixed skylight models are more versatile than ever.  Fixed skylights can be installed in both flat and slanted roofs, giving you the opportunity to light up whichever room you’d like.  Additionally, Velux fixed skylights are a great replacement model for your old, worn-out skylights.

Velux offers their fixed skylights in both curb-mounted and deck-mounted models, allowing you to embed the lights within the roof of your home.  This gives you more options in terms of the size of the skylights and the angle at which the light will shine.  The choice between curb and deck-mounted skylights ensures that there will be a skylight to meet your needs.

Velux skylight

Velux skylight in bedroom



































Which Velux Skylight Is The Right One For You?

It is no secret that skylights are extremely beneficial to you and your family.  They not only maximize the daylight and ventilation inside of your home but save you money in the process.  For this reason, more and more folks are looking to have skylights installed in the roofs of their homes.

A lot of people aren’t aware, however, that skylights come in many different forms.  Velux, for example, has multiple types of skylights, each designed to meet a different set of needs and desires.  If you’re looking to have skylights installed in your home, you’ll benefit from taking a look at the variety of options Velux Skylights has to offer.  We’ve showcased a few of them below to give you an idea of the range of skylights available on the market.

Velux Fixed Skylights

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to add more light to the corridors, stairwells and other enclosed spaces in your home, the Velux fixed skylight may be what you need.  Fixed skylights are often what people think of when they have skylights in mind.  While these skylights can’t be opened like a window, they are a great way to brighten up any of the rooms in your home that are usually deprived of light.

Velux “Fresh Air” Skylights

The “Fresh Air” option is the Velux Skylight you’ll want if your kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom lacks either light or ventilation.  With a hinged mechanism that allows for opening and closing, these skylights enable you to fill your home with a clean and natural breeze.  Homeowners who choose the “Fresh Air” skylight can opt for the manual, electric or solar-powered version.

Velux Roof Windows

Many homeowners want to have skylights installed in their attics, above-garages and other areas that lack light due to the roof.  Velux Skylights offer roof windows that can transform these often-claustrophobic spaces into livable, light-filled rooms.  With both top-hinged and center-pivot options, these roof windows can be open and closed to let air into the most cramped rooms in your home.

Velux Roof-Access Windows 

Similar to Velux’s roof windows, roof-access windows can provide much needed light and ventilation to any room on the top floor of your home.  Unlike the roof window option, however, these Velux skylights open on a vertical hinge, giving you full access to the roof of your house.  Velux Roof-Access windows are a great way to give yourself a panoramic view of the environment that surrounds your home.

Velux Sun Tunnel Skylights

One of Velux Skylights’ most sought-after models, the Sun Tunnel is a skylight like no other.  These skylights integrate seamlessly into the roof of your house and have the appearance of ceiling lamps from inside your home.  Sun Tunnels are particularly popular with those homeowners seeking to add light to their home but don’t want a window-sized skylight.  They are installed as easily as any other Velux Skylight and are an elegant way to light up any kitchen, corridor, closet, bathroom or bedroom.

Velux Skylights in living-room

Velux Skylights in living-room

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The Skylight Effect – Applicant submissions (part four)

There is a quote from Thomas Paine regarding education: “The mind once enlightened cannot again become dark.”

These days, that enlightenment can come at a pretty hefty price. With the third annual Skylight Effect scholarship we set out to reward a $1000 scholarship to one qualified individual, with a hope that it will ease a financial burden and encourage their continued education.

Let’s take a look at the remaining entries we have not yet featured in our blog.

Angus M.

Angus plans to study environmental design at CU Boulder. College, with post-grad hopes of owning his own design business. Angus says, “I have always been interested in creating spaces for people to congregate in, live in, and explore.”

“I started with a beautiful design I found, that made wonderful use of natural light to make the space seem more open and inviting. I then took that image, and removed the skylights, which made the space look very cramped and much less inviting. The skylight-less image reminds me of what a rainy day looks like, even though the original image was extremely bright and beautiful. The skylights compliment the plants by the windows and the light, elegant design of the chairs. Light from the skylights radiates the feeling of life, as seen through the plants and open design. It also allows all the elements of the room to come together. The design without the skylights shifts the focus to the lamps and artificial lights, when the focus should be in the center of the room (which the skylights highlight). So, the skylights serve two purposes; creating a focal point of a space and letting in beautiful, natural light.”

Sophia N.

As a freshman at the University of Minnesota, Sophia is enrolled at the university’s College of Design, where she is majoring in Graphic Design. career. Sophia adds, “I am also a member of Alpha Rho Chi, a coed professional fraternity for architecture and design students. Through the fraternity, I have toured graphic design firms and networked with many professionals in the field of design. Through my hard work, quality education, and network of professionals, I believe I will become a successful Graphic Designer. My 10-year plan is to transition from the role of Graphic Designer to Art Director,”

Before and after comparison of living space with and without natural daylighting from a skylight.

“I created a rendering based off the living room in my home. The image on the left, titled ‘Before Skylight’ shows the room without a skylight. In contrast, the image on the right, titled ‘After Skylight’ shows the room with a skylight. The rooms are identical except for the structural presence of a skylight. I added tints to each of the hues in the rendering on the ‘After Skylight’ side. Furthermore, I added a slightly transparent light green layer to the walls. Both actions created the illusion of light in a 3D space. Natural light is not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing. The addition of a skylight in a space completely changes it. My rendering displays how a dreary space can be transformed into a beautiful one simply by incorporating a skylight.”

Sophia sums it up perfectly: “The addition of a skylight in a space completely changes it.”

Thank you, Brett, Jessilyn, Kaija, Katherine, Laeana, Megan, Rachel, Jacob, Angus, and Sophia.

Now, we have one tough decision to make!




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The Skylight Effect – Applicant submissions (part three)

Architecture, Interior Design, Art History, Photography, and Graphic Design, just a few of the majors we’ve seen throughout The Skylight Effect Scholarship Contest. No matter their background, no matter their future, our applicants were up to the task of showing the advantages of adding natural light to any room.

Let’s look at a few more entries.

Jessilyn R.

Jessilyn is currently a freshman at the University of Utah, with the goal of earning a major in Operations Management and a minor in Fine Arts by 2020.


As a lover of nature, Jessilyn always tries to catch as much of the sun’s rays as she possibly can. “Some of my favorite memories have been watching the sun peek over the mountains at dawn and glimmer off on my backyard, the Great Salt Lake. life. One of the best feelings is waking up with the sunrise, letting the natural light stir you awake from slumber. The sun reminds me I am alive. The sun livens not just me, but also my plants. My houseplants let me bring the outside in, which is something that is so important to me. Without natural light, my plants would suffer indoors. That is the magic of a skylight: allowing the sun’s rays to penetrate the indoors and give life to the living,” Jessilyn says.


“This original watercolor shows the before and after effects of a skylight. Before, the plants fade away and the room is left with a dismal atmosphere. But with the skylight, the sunrise brightens the room, and allows the flowers to thrive and grow.”

Kaija C.

Cactus Synergy

“This piece is meant to show a cactus located in an indoor-outdoor shopping mall that utilizes skylights in San Luis Obispo. This is the only skylight that has a plant underneath. The first image showcases the cactus growing into the sunlight, it’s feeding off the energy of the sun. The next picture showcases the cactus at night where it is forced to gain its energy from the artificial red light. The cactus waits for the suns arrival which the skylight happily encourages.” -Kaija C.

As a business student at California Polytechnic University-San Luis Obispo, Kaija sometimes feels like most engineering students look down upon her business focused peers. Kaija hopes to prove that business students have so much to offer the university.

“I want to utilize all the resources available to me to get the most out of my college experience. I want to walk across that stage and know that I really got the best college experience possible and that I didn’t waste one second of it.”

Laeana R.

As an aspiring speech language pathologist, Laeana strongly believes in early detection and treatment of communication delays in children.

“Once I become a Hanen-certified speech pathologist, I plan to open a community learning center in NY where families and relevant members of the community will be able to learn specific strategies that support children’s language development,” Laeana says.

Laeana is currently waiting to hear back from grad schools.

A picture can indeed be worth a thousand words. Each entry here has uniquely conveyed the transformative power natural light can have on all of our indoor environments.

Check back tomorrow for the last batch of Skylight Effect Applicants.


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The Skylight Effect – Applicant submissions (part two)

In the same way a room can be transformed by letting light in, so a mind can be opened by the power of education. It was with this sentiment that our 2nd Annual Skylight Effect Scholarship Contest was launched three months ago, the challenge: Establish a contrasting relationship between the quality of a space both with and without a significant level of natural light.

The applicants were exceptional, so exceptional that we decided to feature them here.

Megan P.

Megan has a deep love of learning; moreover, she is adamant in not letting educational opportunities go to waste.

‘A Soothing Change’

Megan titled her entry “A Soothing Change,” about what she describes as “the calming health benefits of natural lights.”

Megan says, “I have always wanted an indoor pool room that incorporates skylights. Thus, I ran with this viewpoint and sketched the two identically sized and shaped rooms. At this point, the two rooms diverged: the room lacking a skylight demonstrated the claustrophobic feel that rooms, with no natural lighting, can create. In contrast, I made my room light, airy, and sunny—basically, I wanted it to be as cheerful a room as possible. This is when I started thinking about how a skylight could influence the styling of the rooms; so, I made the Before Room sparse and cold-looking yet delightfully decorated the After Room. I think the most important aspect of my piece is the reflection.

In the fall, Megan will attend School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she plans on pursuing a career in Art History, Art Education, or Fine Arts, with the goal of becoming an art teacher, museum curator, or full-time artist.

Rachel P.

The Skylight Effect

“lack of natural lighting”


Rachel, though still in high school, has big goals. She says, “As of now, I hope to research ribozymes, or micro-ribonucleic acids, which are molecules that regulate the transcription and translation of DNA, and have properties that are promising in the fight against cancer.”



“In the first drawing, the lack of natural lighting creates shadows under the shelves and cabinets, and especially around the beams of the ceiling. These shadows give the room a dirty and dingy appearance. The second drawing illustrates the same room, with three added skylights. These additions illuminate the room, completely eradicating the dingy atmosphere and replacing it with a pleasantly bright one. With the added light, plants can flourish, and seven potted plants have been added, giving the room a fresh and natural aura. The shadows in the beams have been greatly diminished, and the colors in the design are more vibrant. The paired drawings reveal how effectively skylights can transform dark spaces into open airy ones.”


The Skylight Effect

“pleasantly bright”

After graduating from high school, she hopes to attend Rice University in Houston, Texas, where she will major in molecular biology, with the goal of earning a Ph.D. in 2025.

Jacob J.

Firsthand experience of ‘skylight’ installations is the best evidence, and Jacob J. witnessed The Skylight Effect up close.

The Skylight Effect

“We are overjoyed that [our] cafeteria now benefits from natural light and will rarely use artificial lighting,” Jacob says.

An installation of solatubes was selected to brighten up the central area of Jacob’s high school. The cafeteria was the perfect choice as a highly visible space that students and visitors are likely to see upon entering the building. When the sun is shining, the solatubes provide enough natural light that the artificial lights in the space will scarcely be needed. Jacob even noticed that on overcast and rainy days the cafeteria still seems to have enough light.

Jacob is and honor roll student and Eagle Scout. He plans to enroll in the Architecture Program at: The Design School Herberger Institute at Arizona State University.

In Jacob, Rachel, and Megan we see the wide range of our applicants, and their entries demonstrate both the aesthetic and efficiency benefits of adding natural light via a skylight or sun tunnel.

Please be sure to check back… more to come






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