Ten Amazing Skylight Ideas

From Huge Atriums, to Tiny Attic Bedrooms add Skylights and Sun Tunnels to improve the feel and flow of many rooms.  Check out all of these day-lighting ideas!

1. Sun tunnels in a green roof over a public restroom at Observation Hill from Late to the Garden Party:


Green Roof Sun Tunnels

2. A Brazilian man installed soda bottles filled with bleach and water straight into the roof line to light up low income housing that did not have electricity or natural light.

Moser Soda Bottle Lightbulbs

Moser Soda Bottle Lightbulbs

3. Circular Skylights in the ceiling for a dramatic modern effect.

Circular Skylights in Stadel Museum

Circular Skylights in Stadel Museum

4. Staircases often lack natural light, add a Skylight!

Staircase Stairwell Skylight

Skylight over a stairwell

5. Turn your attic into useful and pleasant living space.

Attic Room Skylights

Attic Room Skylights

6. Tiny House Loft Skylights, imagine how horrible this room would be without them!

Skylights in Loft Bedroom

Skylights in Loft Bedroom

7. Bring nature in, turn your lofted skylight in to a planter / arbor.

Skylight Planter

A perfect location for an indoor planter.

8. Lava Tube Skylight!  OK, so maybe you can’t create this exactly, but this is a naturally occurring Skylight in an Active Lava Tube at the Hawaii Volcano National Park.  Don’t get too close!

Lava Tube Skylight

Lava Tube Skylight

9. Turn your bathroom into a spa experience, add a skylight over your tub!

Skylight over Soaking Tub

Skylight over Soaking Tub

10. Soak your living room with natural light, round and long skinny skylights used creatively here!

Creative living room round and long skinny skylights

Creative living room round and long skinny skylights


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Skylight Installation Methods | VELUX

Skylights For Less provides three types of skylights for three types of installations. Deck Mounted, Curb Mounted and Pan Flashed.  Each method has its advantages and we will discuss the reasons and applications for each installation method and skylight design.

For adding a skylight to a metal, shingled or ceramic tile pitched roof, Deck Mounted skylights are often the best fit. From the exterior the skylights are low profile and blend with the roof for an integrated modern look.  These skylights can be installed on roofs that are pitched between 14 and 85 degrees. For tiled roofing use the EDW Flashing Kit, shigled roofing uses the ECB Flashing kit, and metal roofing will use the ECL Flashing Kit.

Take a look at Steve’s amazing video of a deck mounted VELUX Skylight installation. His video is very detailed, and he goes into why he feels venting skylights are so important. We cannot agree more!  Venting hot air out of your ceiling will allow you to run air conditioning less days but venting while your A/C will also increase your home efficiency by helping your A/C run less. All while basking in the additional natural daylight you will now have in your home!

If you have a flat roof (pitched less than 14 degrees) you will want to install a curb mounted skylight.  Occasionally curb mounted skylights are specified for pitched roofs as well.  We always try and recommend the deck mounted version for pitched a roof and a curb mounted for flat roofs if the customer is concerned with the a sleek exterior look. If you desire maximum daylight entering your home, utilizing a curb mounted unit will give you greater daylighting area.  With a curb mount the glass covers the entire opening, while a deck mounted skylight trims in from the opening limiting the viewable area.  A 22 x 46 curb mount can have up to 35% more viewable area depending on how you trim out your interior over the same rough opening C06!  Check out this video where Stefan shows the installation of a couple FCM-2246 skylights on site built curbs with the ECL flashing.  This flashing can be used on a roof pitch of 10-60 degrees.  Less than 10 degrees and the curb should be flashed using rolled roofing material, integrating the curb flashing directly into the roof installation.

M&R Roofing show great examples of Site Built curbs and on site integrated flashing topped off with venting and fixed VELUX Skylights.

Last we have the VELUX Pan Flashed Skylight (QPF).  This is a fixed skylight with built in flashing.  Basically you create your skylight opening, center the unit over the opening and nail in the nailing fin.  After which you will coat the flashing rim with roofing cement, and shingle over the flange.  These skylights are good on pitched roofs from 14 to 60 degree pitch.  If the roof is pitched between 45 and 60 degrees VELUX recommends using a diverter above the skylight to carry some load in icy conditions, as well as divert heave rain from cascading directly into the top of the skylight.  You can find installation instructions and full product details on our QPF Skylight page.  If you have any further questions about VELUX Skylight installation methods, shoot us a comment below or visit us at www.skylightsforless.com


VELUX Pan Flashed (QPF) Skylight

VELUX Pan Flashed (QPF) Skylight – useful for quick installs of fixed skylights.

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Skylights For Less $500 Scholarship

Skylights For Less is proud to announce that we will be, for the first time, offering a $500 scholarship! This scholarship will be available to any current or college bound student for the 2014 – 2015 academic school year. The money can be used for any college related costs.  Tuition, room, board, books, etc. To apply for the scholarship we are asking you to “Artistically capture the charm provided by the addition of a Skylight or Sun Tunnel installation to an existing room or structure. Each submission should establish a contrasting relationship between the quality of a space both with and without a significant level of natural light. Submissions in the format of photographs, photo edited mock-ups, digitized sketches, drawings and/or paintings are all acceptable formats for submissions. After we receive your scholarship submission we will place the best entries on our Facebook and Google Plus accounts. The post that garners the biggest following will be awarded the $500 scholarship (yes, this means you can promote your own work!). The scholarship was deigned for students majoring in Architecture, Interior Design, Art, Graphics Design, or similar. Though, we will accept applicants from any major that want to show off their creative side! For skylight inspiration check out pages like Houzz or similar sites boards on pinterest.  Explore your everyday life and take pictures of skylights you see in buildings you frequent, you may be surprised how much inspiration you can find in places your visit regularly.

Skylights For Less $500 Scholarship Opportunity

Skylights For Less $500 Scholarship Opportunity

Official Eligibility
Applicants to the 2014 Skylights For Less Scholarship program shall meet the following criteria:
• Must be planning to enroll or be enrolled in undergraduate study at any accredited college or university within the United States for the 2014-2015 Academic School year
• Applicant must have a GPA > 2.5 on a 4.0 scale
• Must be an American citizen or have a student visa

You are required to supply personal information to Skylights For Less to verify your submission and provide a means of contact should you become the winner of this scholarship. Submitted works will become the property of SkylightsForLess.com and could be displayed on the website www.skylightsforless.com or used in any other promotional materials online or offline.

Application Process
Qualified students may e-mail their submissions to scholarship@skylightsforless.com. The submission will be required to include a cover letter with the following information:
• A description of your completed work (150-400 words)
• Your Legal Name
• Mailing Address
• Telephone Number
• E-mail address
• A brief biography or statement of your goals in college (150-400 words)
• Name of your College/University and proposed year of graduation

We wish you the best of luck and are very excited to see your submissions!  Find and follow us on twitter @skylights4less and Facebook at www.facebook.com/skylightsforless

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VELUX Remotes for Venting Skylights & Blind Operation – KLR 200 – KLI 110

VELUX has once again upped the ante offering yet another new and amazing remote system, the VELUX Integra Control Pad that comes IN THE BOX with the Solar Venting (VCS) and Electric Venting (VCE) Skylights. The KLR 200 is a new touch screen keypad that will operate your blinds (solar or electric) as well as the operation of your Solar or Electric Skylight. This remote is amazing, it allows operation of the skylights & blinds from anywhere within most houses. You can create programs that control the skylights and blind on a pre-determined schedule. It can repeat daily, vary by the day of the week, or by the month of the year. This allows for ultimate variability and energy and lighting efficiency. Skylights can be set to close automatically after a time delay.

KLR 200 Remote

VELUX KLR 200 Remote with touch screen for your VELUX Solar and Electric Venting Skylights

KLR 200 Remote

VELUX KLR 200 Remote with touch screen for VELUX Solar and Electric Venting Skylights wall mount

The KLR-200 Integra system has IO-HomeControl® technology. Io-homecontrol® is a two-way wireless technology that is embedded into the VELUX Skylight systems within your house. This includes skylights, roof windows, as well as other io-homecontrol systems for other products you may have like garage doors, front doors, alarm systems, home lighting, and home heating systems.  Io-homecontrol® is very secure. It uses a two-way secure communication process that yields the highest-level wireless security. The hand-held or wall-mounted controller and your home products communicate using encrypted 128-bit messages.

Io-HomeControl with Velux Skylight

Io-Homecontrol is a secure communication software system used for home automation of your skylight and other systems

When purchasing Solar Blinds for your fixed or venting skylight these come packaged with the KLI-110 keypad. This is a simple three button remote that works up to 30 feet from your blinds or skylights. As mentioned above you will not need this remote if you have a venting unit, the included KLR-200 will operate both the venting skylights and the powered blinds.

KLI 110 Remote

KLI 110 Three Button Remote comes standard with Solar powered Blinds

When considering blinds and venting skylights we always recommend purchasing the Solar Venting and Solar blinds if at all possible, especially for out of reach applications. The Solar rebate allows you to purchase them for cheaper than their hard wired electrically operated brethren. The new KLR-200 remote allows for greater home automation, saving you energy, and creating a more enjoyable environment. As our lives become more and more technology focused, our homes are following that same path. Allowing the Integra and Io-Homecontrol software to close your blinds automatically for you each night ensures that you do not have to manually run around your house can close the blinds daily, in colder climates this allows you to automatically buffer the cold behind your blind and increase efficiency in your home. In warmer climates this ensure that the blinds are automatically down when the midday sun attempts to bake your house, minimizing your A/C bill.  If you have any questions about VELUX Remotes or VELUX products in general, leave a message below!


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VELUX Sun Tunnel Installations for Metal Roofing

What is the best way to install a Sun Tunnel on your metal roof? The only approved method from VELUX is to install a VELUX TCC-022 or a VELUX TCR-014 on a site built curb.

With on site installed flashing. You can find TCR-014 installation instructions as well as the TCC installation manual on our Skylights For Less website. This process is pretty simple. Build a site built curb and flash it with custom on-site flashing, then screw the Curb Mounted TCR Sun Tunnel into the newly created curb. To get the longest lasting, lowest maintenance solution, this is the way to go. The major drawbacks to the curb mounted method is that you are limited to the larger Sun Tunnels (14 & 22 inch diameters) and you must have the curb mounted installation which may not be the look you are going for. Preparing a curb for the Sun Tunnel on an existing roof can be pretty complicated to flash well, for this reason the curb mount works really well on new metal roof installs, but the flush mount method below works well on Sun Tunnel retro-fit installations.

If you would like to install the flush mount Sun Tunnel like the TGR-010, TMR-014 or the larger TGC-022, it is possible. The pitfall is that the surfaces that connect between the metal roofing and the Sun Tunnel will need to be sealed with a high quality roofing caulk. Utilizing caulk to create a watertight seal is not as preferable as the curb mounted, fully flashed method. This is because you will likely need to get up on the roof and touch up or re-caulk the joints at some point. Utilizing BASF NP-1 caulk as suggested in the video is extremely important. This caulk is extremely flexible, will withstand the heat and is very durable. This caulk should hold up in any weather condition for at least 10 years. Many contractors are reporting longer time frames. Skylight Solutions has created a detailed video of the TMR-014 installation in the video shown below. If you would like to install the TGC-022 on a metal roof then this same installation method would work well.

If your metal roof is going to be newly installed, it would be best to install curbs for your Sun Tunnels and curb mount them from day one. If you would like to retro-fit a Sun Tunnel into an existing metal roof, adding and flashing a curb can be pretty complicated. In this instance you may want to seriously consider installing a flush mount with the method shown by Skylight Solutions in the YouTube video above. It is a very doable installation with a beautiful flush mount look. The flush mount install really makes the Sun Tunnel look more integrated into the roof and in many ways is more pleasing to the eye.

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VELUX Neat Glass

New for 2014 VELUX has created a new glass coating called “Neat” glass, this modified the coatings on their glass to create the most superior glass in the Skylight Industry. The new “Clean, Quiet, and Safe” Glass is very impressive and include the Neat coatings. The Neat coatings are applied to ALL VELUX Laminated glass options. VELUX is so proud of this new glass they now offer the first in the industry 10 YEAR HAIL WARRANTY. Any breakage due to hail for the 2014 and beyond Laminated glass options will be covered by this NEW warranty.

VELUX Neat Glass Coatings

VELUX Glass including Neat Glass coatings on the right, the beading on untreated glass to the left causes undesirable water spotting, while the Neat glass on the Right does not.

The new multi-coated Neat glass includes a silicon dioxide layer that makes the surface of the glass extremely smooth. This allows the water to not bead up but spread out and disperse quickly. This reduces water spotting and promotes evaporation. A titanium dioxide layer works to eradicate dirt and dust that accumulates on the exterior of the window. This layer couples with the UV Rays from the sun to actually decompose dust and debris as it bakes on the exterior of the glass. These two layers combine to minimize the home owners need to clean the skylight glass, keeping maximum daylight passing through your skylight with minimal maintenance. With Neat® applied alongside LowE3 glass coatings, it combines the best in low maintenance with the ultimate in energy-conserving LowE3 glass on the planet. This way spaces stay warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer. Neat® LowE3 glass conserves maximum energy year-round, saving homeowners as much as 25% annually in heating and cooling costs. In the image above you can easily see how the old glass beads up while the new glass coats evenly, this is the desired result of the neat glass. Neat Coatings will be found on the following glass types:

  • Clean, Quiet & Safe Glass (Laminated) – Type 0004 Glass
  • Impact Safety Glass – Type 0006 Glass
  • Miami-Dade Hurricane Glass – Type 0008 Glass
  • Snowload Glass – Type 0010 Glass

Keep in mind that when choosing glass for your next skylight laminated is probably the way to go. Tempered is a touch cheaper, but some states (California) require laminated glass for all installations, and most other states require laminated glass for all out of reach skylights. Therefore as VELUX suggests, the laminated is the safest way to go.

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