VELUX Skylight Installation Methods

Skylights For Less provides VELUX skylights for three types of skylight installation: Deck Mounted, Curb Mounted and Pan Flashed.  Each has its advantages and we will discuss the reasons and applications for each skylight installation method and skylight design in this post.

Skylight Installation: Deck Mounted Skylight

Deck Mounted skylights are often the best fit for adding a skylight to a metal, shingled or ceramic tile pitched roof. From the exterior, the skylights are low profile and blend with the roof for an integrated modern look.  These skylights can be installed on roofs that are pitched between 14 and 85 degrees.

For tiled roofing use the EDW Flashing Kit, shingled roofing uses the ECB Flashing kit, and metal roofing will require the ECL Flashing Kit.

Take a look at Steve’s amazing video of a Deck mounted VELUX Skylight installation. His video is very detailed, and he goes into why he feels venting skylights are so important. We cannot agree more!

Venting hot air out of your ceiling will allow you to run air conditioning less days, but venting while your A/C runs will also increase your home efficiency by helping your A/C run less. All while basking in the additional natural daylight you will now have in your home!

Skylight Installation: Curb Mounted Skylight

If you have a flat roof (pitched less than 14 degrees) you will want to install a Curb mounted skylight.  Occasionally, curb mounted skylights are specified for pitched roofs as well.  We always try to recommend the deck mounted version for a pitched roof and a curb mounted for flat roofs if the customer is concerned with a sleek exterior look.

If you desire maximum daylight entering your home, utilizing a curb mounted unit will give you greater daylighting area.  With a curb mount, the glass covers the entire opening.  A deck mounted skylight trims in from the opening limiting the viewable area.  A 22 x 46 curb mount can have up to 35% more viewable area depending on how you trim out your interior over the same rough opening C06!

Check out this video where Stefan shows the installation of a couple of FCM-2246 skylights on site built curbs with the ECL flashing.  This flashing can be used on a roof pitch of 10-60 degrees.  Less than 10 degrees and the curb should be flashed using rolled roofing material, integrating the curb flashing directly into the roof installation.

M&R Roofing show great examples of Site Built curbs and on site integrated flashing topped off with venting and fixed VELUX Skylights.


Skylight Installation: Pan Flashed Skylight

Last we have the VELUX Pan Flashed Skylight (QPF).  This is a fixed skylight with built in flashing.

Basically you create your skylight opening, center the unit over the opening and nail in the nailing fin.  Then you will coat the flashing rim with roofing cement, and shingle over the flange.

These skylights are good on pitched roofs from 14 to 60 degree pitch.  If the roof is pitched between 45 and 60 degrees VELUX recommends using a diverter above the skylight to carry some load in icy conditions, as well as divert heave rain from cascading directly into the top of the skylight.  You can find installation instructions and full product details on our QPF Skylight page.

If you have any further questions about VELUX Skylight installation methods, drop us a comment below or visit us at


VELUX Pan Flashed (QPF) Skylight

VELUX Pan Flashed (QPF) Skylight – useful for quick installs of fixed skylights.




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