Skylight Replacement—Why, When and How?

Velux skylight installation

Velux skylight installation

Although they typically last for decades, you may find yourself needing a skylight replacement at some point. Perhaps you bought an old house with a worn-out skylight that needs replacing or you want a new one to go along with the rest of the renovations you’ll be making. Maybe you have a fixed skylight on your house already and you want to upgrade to a venting skylight that you can open to let more fresh air in. 

Whatever the reason, with Skylights for Less it is easy to replace your old skylight and get a new VELUX Skylight on your home. And it’s actually a lot more simple (and less expensive) than you might initially think. 

Why Replace Your Skylights? 

It’s common for homeowners to replace their skylights when they put a new roof on their home. During the reroofing process the entire roof comes off so it only makes sense to put a new skylight in as you’re putting a new roof up. A brand new skylight with brand new flashing goes perfectly with a fresh, newly-shingled roof. 

However, some people find that when they purchase a home they may be inheriting a skylight that is a few decades old, and needs to be replaced. When the flashing material or roof sealer starts to wear away, it’s possible that you’ll start to find water leaking through into the house. While you may simply want to replace the broken piece (i.e. the glass or the skylight part), for older skylight models this might not be an option as the manufacturer may no longer make these parts. If you do find the parts, they could end up costing about the same as a brand new skylight. And skylights have improved dramatically over the years (there are now venting models, solar models, roof windows and sun tunnels) so it is worth looking into the current options.   

When to Think About a Skylight Replacement 

Most contractors will tell you that the reroofing period is the best time to consider a skylight replacement. However, it’s possible that you might want to get a new skylight without having to install a brand new roof – you only need a new roof every twenty to thirty years, after all.  

In some cases, you may want to upgrade your existing skylight for a better version. Skylight technology is innovating at a rapid pace, and many homeowners want to take advantage of the new features that will let more fresh air and natural light into their homes.  

If you currently have a fixed skylight that won’t open, and you’re looking for a way to cut down on the cost of light and air-conditioning during the hot summer, exchanging your old model for a new one might be a good decision. VELUX Solar “Fresh Air” Skylights are a fantastic line of solar-powered options with an integrated solar panel and control system that enable you to open and close the unit using a remote control.  The VELUX Electric Venting Skylights open (and close) with the touch of a button to let in lots of natural light. 

How to Replace A Skylight? 

If you’re a construction-savvy person (or know someone who is), you can replace a skylight without the help of a professional. However, if you want to ensure that your new skylight is installed properly, calling a contractor might be your best option.  

Luckily, VELUX Skylights offers a number of energy-efficient products that qualify for a 30% solar tax credit. This tax credit applies not only to the product, but it also counts toward the cost of installation. This means that you can have all of the benefits of a new skylight and cut down on installation costs in the meantime! 

Skylights for Less carries a wide range of Residential Skylights that should fit any skylight replacement project and you can place an order with us online or by calling one of our skylight experts at 1-800-284-5194. 

To reduce the chance of purchasing the wrong skylight or part, which will end up costing time and money, we recommend that you get the following information before making a purchase (this will be easier if your skylight is within reach): 

  • There are a lot of skylight options, so the first thing you need to know is do you have a deck mounted or curb-mounted skylight?*
  • What is the roofing material around the skylight (for example: shingles, rubber, metal, tile)? 
  • What is the exact measurement for the daylight area?  If you have a domed skylight then you need the rough opening measurement  

If the existing skylight is a VELUX model and you can get the serial number that would be very helpful as well. Here’s how to identify the serial number.

* Deck mounted skylights are attached directly to the roof sheathing and attach to the drywall that sits below. These are typically installed in slightly sloped roof pitch situations so the water will run around the skylight and not into the building. For a deck mounted skylight, the minimum pitch is 3:12 / 14 degrees or greater. 

Curb mounted skylights sit on a 2×4 or 2×6 curb or raised frame when the roof pitch is lower or flat. The curb itself will channel water away from the skylight keeping the space below dry. The roof pitch for a curb mounted skylight is   0:12 / 0 degrees to 20:12 / 60 degrees. 

Need More Information? 

Visit our website or contact us at 1-800-284-5194 to speak with one of our helpful skylight experts. 

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