Skylights For Less Scholarship Entries

Down to the wire, two days prior to the end of our first Scholarship offering, we received an excellent submission from Ms. Ashley Whittiker. We had received many submissions prior that failed to follow the instructions and had no creative element delivered. Then, at the Last minute, on the eve of the deadline we received a second well qualified application from Ms. Peri Ogg.

Skylights for Less Scholarship

Ashley Whittiker’s Design Proposal: An Interior Bedroom with Circular Skylight Rendering

Ashley Whittiker is a student at Azusa Pacififc University. She is a business major with a concentration in marketing. Her submission is a modified photo of a bedroom with a proposed large circular skylight installed. She has done an excellent job of demonstrating what affect a large skylight could have on the feel of a room. Here are Ashley’s words on how she came up with her proposal:

I chose a picture that would capture not only a room, but the fullness of the room and how it affects the other rooms in a certain building or house. I will first describe the before picture of the room which the emphasis of light is focused on the lamps and little bulbs on top of the room. As I focused on the artificial light in the room, I noticed that the objects that the light bounces off of seem magnified and bigger. The edges of the objects such as the bed and the flower painting are highly contrasted by their backgrounds. Because of this, the space in the room seems less because of the objects contrasting properties. The colors are more saturated as well. Therefore, atmosphere in this picture focuses on what is happening the room. Now the beauty of the natural light will be explained. In this experiment, I realized that natural light provides many benefits to the atmosphere in a room. As I changed the effects of the room, I saw the the paintings on the wall lost their colors. I wanted to keep the colors vibrant like they were in the before picture. However, I managed to make the colors of the paintings and the bed natural like the atmosphere in the room. This gives liveliness to the room so that it would not look dull or bland to the slightest degree. The natural light causes the objects to balance with each other rather than be magnified like in the before picture. This affects the space around the room as well. Because the objects are evenly balanced and not contrasted, it seems as if there is more room. I highly recommend installing skylight installation, because the natural light compliments the whole room with a relaxed style attached to it.

The design proposed in Ashley’s image could easily be accomplished by the other brand we carry, WASCO skylights. Let us know what you think of Ashley’s work, she did a great job on her rendering!

Our next Applicant Peri, provided us with a before and after capture of a kitchen that has added Velux Sun Tunnels.  She felt this was representative of what she had seen in her parents home.  In her words this is what she had to say:

My submission is an actual depiction of the effects a skylight can have upon a room. This before and after photo of the addition of Sun Tunnels to a kitchen shows the drastic change made to this kitchen with the addition of natural light. In my own home, my parents installed a Sun Tunnel in our upstairs interior bathroom. It changed a dark, dreary space into a light and airy one, and we often use it without using the electric lighting. However, we did not have a ‘before’ photo to share. After seeing the amazing effect the Sun Tunnel can have, these homeowners added two to their kitchen and they did take ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos, that they shared with me for this submission.  The ‘after’ photo of this kitchen is so striking, some may think it can’t be real.  I think people do not understand the effect that a skylight can have in their home until they actually install one. The atmosphere is radically altered for the better and I believe it can truly improve one’s mood.


Kitchen with Velux Sun Tunnels Before

Kitchen with Velux Sun Tunnels After

Kitchen with Velux Sun Tunnels After










Peri will be attending the University of Kansas in Lawrence looking to major in Political Science. She aspires to work in the field of politics either in Washington DC or her home State Capitol of Topeka KS.

We want to thank both Peri and Ashley for their submissions. We look forward to comments from the community and will announce the winner of the scholarship in the upcoming weeks!

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