The Best VELUX Skylights for Flat Roofs

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VELUX Skylight for Flat Roof

Most skylights are designed for slanted roofs. But, VELUX makes a number of fantastic skylights for flat roofs! 

 Slanted roofs are one of the most popular roof styles in America. This is largely because they’re better in the rain and snow, since they have a “pitch” (or slant) to them, they enable rainwater to run down into the gutter and prevent heavy, wet snow from piling up on top.  

In places with warm, dry climates, however, many people opt for flat roofs. This is also the case in urban apartment buildings. Unlike pitched roofs, these have a drain installed in the middle that collects water and carries it out via an internal gutter system.  Note: because they are not slanted, the pitch of a flat roof is 0 degrees. 

But, if you have a flat roof, you may be wondering whether or not you can install a skylight. Aren’t skylights made for slanted roofs? 

No! Not all skylights are designed for pitched roofs. In fact, VELUX makes residential and commercial skylights for flat roofs too! 

VELUX Residential Skylights for Flat Roofs

If you’re looking to add a skylight to your flat roof, the important thing to know is that for a flat roof you’ll need a Curb Mounted Skylight.  This is because Curb Mounted Skylights sit on a 2×4 or 2×6 curb (or raised frame) when the roof pitch is lower or flat. The curb will channel water away from the skylight, keeping the space below dry. The roof pitch for a Curb Mounted Skylight is 0:12 / 0 degrees to 20:12 / 60 degrees. 

 Okay, so now that we know we’re looking for Curb Mounted Skylights, there are plenty of options to choose from because VELUX makes a number of different models, each catering to a different set of needs and offering different features for your home!  

The FCM (Fixed Curb Mount) series is ideal for simple, weather-tight installations on site-built curbs. Because the skylight does not open (so it doesn’t let in fresh air), it is best suited for closed in areas that do not get a lot of natural light, such as stairwells and hallways.  Because these skylights are usually the least expensive options, adding a fixed skylight to these areas is a great and inexpensive way to way them feel more open and spacious.  

Another option is a Sun Tunnel such as this Rigid Sun Tunnel, which is designed for flat and low sloped roofs and directs sunlight from the rooftop to an interior ceiling.  This Sun Tunnel is ideal for enclosed spaces such as small rooms, hallways, closets, pantries and foyers 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a skylight that does open up, then you’ll be interested in a Vented (or Venting) Skylight. Options here are Manual Vented, Electric Vented and Solar Vented; all three models will allow you to open and close the skylight, the difference is in how you do so. 

Manual Vented Skylights (VCM model) can be opened and closed with a manual or motorized hand crank. 

Electric Vented Skylights (VCE model) can be opened and closed using the control system. This model also comes with a rain sensor that automatically closes your skylight during inclement weather – how cool is that!  

Solar Vented Skylights (VCS model) can be opened and closed using the control system and captures available sunlight and uses it to recharge the operator and control system. This model also comes with a rain sensor so if your skylight is open and it starts to rain, the system will automatically close the skylight for you! 

Flat Roof Skylights for Commercial Buildings 

If you are the owner of a commercial property (or are a contractor who’s working on one), VELUX offers Domed Skylights via their CG2 Skylight  

This skylight is made from a high-quality plastic that won’t yellow over time, so your building will continue to look great for years to come. It also has an advanced weep system which minimizes condensation, and a full thermal break to maximize energy efficiency. 

Don’t Let Your Flat Roof Prevent You from Seeing the Light  

Just because you have a flat roof doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy all the benefits that a skylight can offer!  VELUX makes a variety of models, so you can enjoy the sunlight!   

Ready to start shopping?  Click here to check out our selection of curb mounted residential skylights!  



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