The Skylight Effect – Applicant submissions (part four)

There is a quote from Thomas Paine regarding education: “The mind once enlightened cannot again become dark.”

These days, that enlightenment can come at a pretty hefty price. With the third annual Skylight Effect scholarship we set out to reward a $1000 scholarship to one qualified individual, with a hope that it will ease a financial burden and encourage their continued education.

Let’s take a look at the remaining entries we have not yet featured in our blog.

Angus M.

Angus plans to study environmental design at CU Boulder. College, with post-grad hopes of owning his own design business. Angus says, “I have always been interested in creating spaces for people to congregate in, live in, and explore.”

“I started with a beautiful design I found, that made wonderful use of natural light to make the space seem more open and inviting. I then took that image, and removed the skylights, which made the space look very cramped and much less inviting. The skylight-less image reminds me of what a rainy day looks like, even though the original image was extremely bright and beautiful. The skylights compliment the plants by the windows and the light, elegant design of the chairs. Light from the skylights radiates the feeling of life, as seen through the plants and open design. It also allows all the elements of the room to come together. The design without the skylights shifts the focus to the lamps and artificial lights, when the focus should be in the center of the room (which the skylights highlight). So, the skylights serve two purposes; creating a focal point of a space and letting in beautiful, natural light.”

Sophia N.

As a freshman at the University of Minnesota, Sophia is enrolled at the university’s College of Design, where she is majoring in Graphic Design. career. Sophia adds, “I am also a member of Alpha Rho Chi, a coed professional fraternity for architecture and design students. Through the fraternity, I have toured graphic design firms and networked with many professionals in the field of design. Through my hard work, quality education, and network of professionals, I believe I will become a successful Graphic Designer. My 10-year plan is to transition from the role of Graphic Designer to Art Director,”

Before and after comparison of living space with and without natural daylighting from a skylight.

“I created a rendering based off the living room in my home. The image on the left, titled ‘Before Skylight’ shows the room without a skylight. In contrast, the image on the right, titled ‘After Skylight’ shows the room with a skylight. The rooms are identical except for the structural presence of a skylight. I added tints to each of the hues in the rendering on the ‘After Skylight’ side. Furthermore, I added a slightly transparent light green layer to the walls. Both actions created the illusion of light in a 3D space. Natural light is not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing. The addition of a skylight in a space completely changes it. My rendering displays how a dreary space can be transformed into a beautiful one simply by incorporating a skylight.”

Sophia sums it up perfectly: “The addition of a skylight in a space completely changes it.”

Thank you, Brett, Jessilyn, Kaija, Katherine, Laeana, Megan, Rachel, Jacob, Angus, and Sophia.

Now, we have one tough decision to make!




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