The Skylight Effect – Applicant submissions (part three)

Architecture, Interior Design, Art History, Photography, and Graphic Design, just a few of the majors we’ve seen throughout The Skylight Effect Scholarship Contest. No matter their background, no matter their future, our applicants were up to the task of showing the advantages of adding natural light to any room.

Let’s look at a few more entries.

Jessilyn R.

Jessilyn is currently a freshman at the University of Utah, with the goal of earning a major in Operations Management and a minor in Fine Arts by 2020.


As a lover of nature, Jessilyn always tries to catch as much of the sun’s rays as she possibly can. “Some of my favorite memories have been watching the sun peek over the mountains at dawn and glimmer off on my backyard, the Great Salt Lake. life. One of the best feelings is waking up with the sunrise, letting the natural light stir you awake from slumber. The sun reminds me I am alive. The sun livens not just me, but also my plants. My houseplants let me bring the outside in, which is something that is so important to me. Without natural light, my plants would suffer indoors. That is the magic of a skylight: allowing the sun’s rays to penetrate the indoors and give life to the living,” Jessilyn says.


“This original watercolor shows the before and after effects of a skylight. Before, the plants fade away and the room is left with a dismal atmosphere. But with the skylight, the sunrise brightens the room, and allows the flowers to thrive and grow.”

Kaija C.

Cactus Synergy

“This piece is meant to show a cactus located in an indoor-outdoor shopping mall that utilizes skylights in San Luis Obispo. This is the only skylight that has a plant underneath. The first image showcases the cactus growing into the sunlight, it’s feeding off the energy of the sun. The next picture showcases the cactus at night where it is forced to gain its energy from the artificial red light. The cactus waits for the suns arrival which the skylight happily encourages.” -Kaija C.

As a business student at California Polytechnic University-San Luis Obispo, Kaija sometimes feels like most engineering students look down upon her business focused peers. Kaija hopes to prove that business students have so much to offer the university.

“I want to utilize all the resources available to me to get the most out of my college experience. I want to walk across that stage and know that I really got the best college experience possible and that I didn’t waste one second of it.”

Laeana R.

As an aspiring speech language pathologist, Laeana strongly believes in early detection and treatment of communication delays in children.

“Once I become a Hanen-certified speech pathologist, I plan to open a community learning center in NY where families and relevant members of the community will be able to learn specific strategies that support children’s language development,” Laeana says.

Laeana is currently waiting to hear back from grad schools.

A picture can indeed be worth a thousand words. Each entry here has uniquely conveyed the transformative power natural light can have on all of our indoor environments.

Check back tomorrow for the last batch of Skylight Effect Applicants.


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