VELUX $200 Solar Skylight Rebate – June 1st – Aug 15th 2014

VELUX does it again! A $200 rebate makes going SOLAR an Easy choice with your skylight purchase. VELUX started selling their Solar Skylights in 2013. They have been well received in the US but VELUX has upped the ante making the purchase of a wired skylight seem extreme. With a new $200 Rebate on all solar skylights (up to 3 per person) combined with a 30% tax credit it will cost you nearly double to purchase a wired skylight over a VELUX Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylight!

When comparing the Solar to Electric to Venting you would be looking at the following costs with flashing kits:

  • Solar Venting 22″ x 46″ VSS-C06 $1288.87 – $200 – 30% tax credit – final price $762.21  that is 40% off MSRP!
  • Venting VS-C06  $550.33 NO REBATE, NO TAX CREDIT!  only $212 less than solar venting, you have to crank it manually to open it (which means you probably wont use it much) and if it rains, it stays open… with the electric and solar versions the rain sensor will save your house and close automatically when rain falls!
  • Electric Venting VSE-C06 $1140 + extra installation costs to hard wire the unit

For the full details on the rebate check out this link: VELUX $200 Rebate

If you are just getting familiar with the VELUX solar skylight check out these two videos.  The first is a quick installation video and it has several great shots of the sleek look of the skylights as well as nice video of the operation of the skylights.  The second is an install at a campus building converting a house attic into loft space.


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