Velux Fixed Skylights Will Light Up Your Life

Not enough light in your home?  Fixed Skylights could be exactly what you need!

Nobody wants a dark room in their home.  However, many of us are forced to live with rooms that lack the amount of light we really want.  Because our homes weren’t built with a sufficient number of windows, we are forced to use lamps to supply light in our bedrooms, kitchens and hallways.

Fortunately, skylights provide an easy and affordable alternative to lamps and other artificial light sources.  Velux offers a fixed skylight model that can be easily installed in your roof, maximizing the amount of light that enters your home.  With a new Velux Skylight letting light in through the ceiling, you can enjoy the sunshine from inside your home.

Here are a few benefits to Velux Fixed Skylights:

Streamlined Profile

 While nearly everyone would love a skylight in their bedroom or kitchen, many homeowners fear that it would be visually unappealing to those looking at the house from the outside.  In the past, skylights were installed in a way that they protruded from the roof of the house.  Many people found these to be unsightly or even ugly.

The Velux fixed skylight, however, can be installed in such a way that its profile meshes seamlessly with the roofline of the house.  It doesn’t obstruct the roofline and is appealing to even those who find skylights unpleasant to look at.  With a Velux fixed skylight in your roof, your home will only look more elegant.

Velux Skylights

Velux skylights on roof

Easy Pick&Click™ Blind Installation

If you’d prefer to have blinds on your fixed skylight, Velux offers a simple and affordable solution for you.  The Velux Pick&Click™ Blind system can be easily installed around your fixed skylight, giving you the ability to allow light in and maintain your privacy whenever you’d like.

Velux Pick&Click™ Blinds are simply a bracket system that can be mounted to the perimeter of your Velux Skylight at any angle, providing the opportunity to open and close your blinds at will.  They can easily be fitted to any Velux window and require no cutting or trimming, making blind installation as easy as ever.

Flexible Installation

 Velux fixed skylights have been purposefully designed for easy installation in nearly any roof.  Whereas past models featured a drywall groove that made their installation slightly more difficult, the new Velux fixed skylight models are more versatile than ever.  Fixed skylights can be installed in both flat and slanted roofs, giving you the opportunity to light up whichever room you’d like.  Additionally, Velux fixed skylights are a great replacement model for your old, worn-out skylights.

Velux offers their fixed skylights in both curb-mounted and deck-mounted models, allowing you to embed the lights within the roof of your home.  This gives you more options in terms of the size of the skylights and the angle at which the light will shine.  The choice between curb and deck-mounted skylights ensures that there will be a skylight to meet your needs.

Velux skylight

Velux skylight in bedroom