VELUX Neat Glass

New for 2014 VELUX has created a new glass coating called “Neat” glass, this modified the coatings on their glass to create the most superior glass in the Skylight Industry. The new “Clean, Quiet, and Safe” Glass is very impressive and include the Neat coatings. The Neat coatings are applied to ALL VELUX Laminated glass options. VELUX is so proud of this new glass they now offer the first in the industry 10 YEAR HAIL WARRANTY. Any breakage due to hail for the 2014 and beyond Laminated glass options will be covered by this NEW warranty.

VELUX Neat Glass Coatings

VELUX Glass including Neat Glass coatings on the right, the beading on untreated glass to the left causes undesirable water spotting, while the Neat glass on the Right does not.

The new multi-coated Neat glass includes a silicon dioxide layer that makes the surface of the glass extremely smooth. This allows the water to not bead up but spread out and disperse quickly. This reduces water spotting and promotes evaporation. A titanium dioxide layer works to eradicate dirt and dust that accumulates on the exterior of the window. This layer couples with the UV Rays from the sun to actually decompose dust and debris as it bakes on the exterior of the glass. These two layers combine to minimize the home owners need to clean the skylight glass, keeping maximum daylight passing through your skylight with minimal maintenance. With Neat® applied alongside LowE3 glass coatings, it combines the best in low maintenance with the ultimate in energy-conserving LowE3 glass on the planet. This way spaces stay warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer. Neat® LowE3 glass conserves maximum energy year-round, saving homeowners as much as 25% annually in heating and cooling costs. In the image above you can easily see how the old glass beads up while the new glass coats evenly, this is the desired result of the neat glass. Neat Coatings will be found on the following glass types:

  • Clean, Quiet & Safe Glass (Laminated) – Type 0004 Glass
  • Impact Safety Glass – Type 0006 Glass
  • Miami-Dade Hurricane Glass – Type 0008 Glass
  • Snowload Glass – Type 0010 Glass

When choosing glass for your next skylight, keep in mind that laminated is probably the way to go. Tempered is a touch cheaper, but some states (California) require laminated glass for all installations, and most other states require laminated glass for all out of reach skylights. Therefore as VELUX suggests, the laminated is the safest way to go.

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