VELUX Remotes for Venting Skylights & Blind Operation – KLR 200 – KLI 110

VELUX has once again upped the ante offering yet another new and amazing remote system, the VELUX Integra Control Pad that comes IN THE BOX with the Solar Venting (VCS) and Electric Venting (VCE) Skylights. The KLR 200 is a new touch screen keypad that will operate your blinds (solar or electric) as well as the operation of your Solar or Electric Skylight. This remote is amazing, it allows operation of the skylights & blinds from anywhere within most houses. You can create programs that control the skylights and blind on a pre-determined schedule. It can repeat daily, vary by the day of the week, or by the month of the year. This allows for ultimate variability and energy and lighting efficiency. Skylights can be set to close automatically after a time delay.

KLR 200 Remote

VELUX KLR 200 Remote with touch screen for your VELUX Solar and Electric Venting Skylights

KLR 200 Remote

VELUX KLR 200 Remote with touch screen for VELUX Solar and Electric Venting Skylights wall mount

The KLR-200 Integra system has IO-HomeControl® technology. Io-homecontrol® is a two-way wireless technology that is embedded into the VELUX Skylight systems within your house. This includes skylights, roof windows, as well as other io-homecontrol systems for other products you may have like garage doors, front doors, alarm systems, home lighting, and home heating systems.  Io-homecontrol® is very secure. It uses a two-way secure communication process that yields the highest-level wireless security. The hand-held or wall-mounted controller and your home products communicate using encrypted 128-bit messages.

Io-HomeControl with Velux Skylight

Io-Homecontrol is a secure communication software system used for home automation of your skylight and other systems

When purchasing Solar Blinds for your fixed or venting skylight these come packaged with the KLI-110 keypad. This is a simple three button remote that works up to 30 feet from your blinds or skylights. As mentioned above you will not need this remote if you have a venting unit, the included KLR-200 will operate both the venting skylights and the powered blinds.

KLI 110 Remote

KLI 110 Three Button Remote comes standard with Solar powered Blinds

When considering blinds and venting skylights we always recommend purchasing the Solar Venting and Solar blinds if at all possible, especially for out of reach applications. The Solar rebate allows you to purchase them for cheaper than their hard wired electrically operated brethren. The new KLR-200 remote allows for greater home automation, saving you energy, and creating a more enjoyable environment. As our lives become more and more technology focused, our homes are following that same path. Allowing the Integra and Io-Homecontrol software to close your blinds automatically for you each night ensures that you do not have to manually run around your house can close the blinds daily, in colder climates this allows you to automatically buffer the cold behind your blind and increase efficiency in your home. In warmer climates this ensure that the blinds are automatically down when the midday sun attempts to bake your house, minimizing your A/C bill.  If you have any questions about VELUX Remotes or VELUX products in general, leave a message below!


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