Velux Skylights Roof Windows—Giving Your Attic A Whole New Personality


Velux offers a wide variety of roof window skylights to help you transform those unused spaces in your home.

It is not uncommon for homeowners these days to turn their attics and above-garage spaces into offices, workshops, craft rooms, man caves and even extra bedrooms. While these spaces have a bad reputation for being dark, damp rooms used for storing all of your old stuff, they can be transformed into vibrant and livable spaces with just a little work.

If you’re looking to turn your attic or above-garage into a useful and lively extra room, Velux Skylights has created the perfect product for you. Velux’s line of roof windows are designed specifically for those who want to allow more light and fresh air into those attic-type spaces. Velux roof windows are inexpensive, economically-friendly and adored by homeowners everywhere. By installing a Velux roof window in your home, you’ll find yourself with a whole new room to utilize.

Velux Skylights roof windows are available in four models:

Velux Top-Hinged Roof Windows

 While your attic space might be dark and deprived of light at the moment, a Velux top-hinged roof window can change your life completely. This window features and upward-opening panel, giving you the ability to take in full panoramic views of the area around your home. You’ll be able to let fresh air into any roof-level room that needs it!

Sounds difficult to clean? Don’t worry! Velux has designed their roof windows to pivot inwards, giving you full access for window cleaning!

Velux Center-Pivot Roof Windows

 The Velux center-pivot roof window is perfect for those homeowners who have a low ceiling that could use some fresh air and sunshine. This window can easily be installed to accommodate furniture and will provide you with the ability to enjoy a view of your backyard or neighborhood. With their center-pivot roof window, Velux Skylights has developed a fantastic solution for homeowners seeking an affordable way to enjoy natural ventilation.

Velux Roof Access Roof Window

This full access, side-hinged roof window gives you full access to your roof. When opened fully, you’ll not only be able to enjoy the view of your surroundings but will also gain access to the roof allowing for maintenance or even egress in an emergency. The Velux roof access roof window can be installed with a left or right hinged to suit your needs.

Homeowners love the panoramic view that their Velux Skylights roof access roof window provides.

Velux CABRIO® Balcony Roof Window

With the CABRIO® balcony roof window, Velux Skylights has developed a way for you to have a skylight and a balcony installed at the same time. This unique design functions as a natural source of light and fresh air while giving you the balcony your attic or above-garage always needed. You’ll love being able to crack open your skylight and stand at the balcony as your enjoy your morning coffee, watch the birds fly by or gaze at the stars in the sky above your home.

Like all of the Velux Skylights roof window models, the CABRIO® features an innovative natural ventilation flap. This amazing feature allows you to let fresh air into your home without having to open the window. You can lock the window and pull the ventilation bar downwards to enjoy safety, comfort and fresh, ventilated air at the same time!