VELUX Skylights History

In 1941 Villum Kahn Rasmussen developed the first Roof Window in Denmark. He wanted to create a window that could be placed in an existing roof allowing for attic expansion without the need for adding dormers. This would allow good ventilation and lighting into previously dark and dank attics.  Rasmussen registered the name VELUX in 1942.  He combined “VE” for the first two letters of ventilation and LUX the Latin word for light.

VELUX Skylights 1941 Unloading from Truck

Men unloading a VELUX Skylight in the 1940’s.

After initial success locally VELUX went to work to introduce the Roof Window as a desired product in other markets.  Not only did they have to convince homeowners of the Roof Windows utility, they had to convince local governments to adopt building codes that allowed for attic living space.  Attic living space with only sloped roofing in many jurisdictions was previously off limits to habitable space.  VELUX entered the German market in 1952 followed by Holland, Austria, Switzerland and France.  Over the next several decades they would move to provide skylights to most of the world.

1960's Velux Skylight Advertisement Ad

1960’s Velux Advertisement

In the 1960’s VELUX expanded their offering and began to offer Flashing kits rather than requiring custom site flashing from coil stock.  They also started offering GGL center pivot windows for the first time.  In 1973 the first Electrically Operated Velux Skylight was delivered to the market along with blinds for most of the models.  In 1984 they newest offering was the electric venetian blind.  By 1990 Velux created the CABRIO balcony skylight creating their single most expensive residential product.  Throughout the 90’s and 2000’s VELUX has gone on to introduce Solar powered blinds and skylights, integrated home control systems for operation and timing of window functions, auto-closing rain sensors, and high quality glass coatings.  In 2005 VELUX began to offer Sun Tunnels in both commercial and residential lines.

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