Ways to brighten a room with a skylight

Skylights are an excellent option when it comes to brightening up a home with natural lighting, but to ensure that your new lighting is actually effective throughout the year it is important to plan carefully for your skylight installation. The planning process can be made easy by considering the following list of aspects that Modernize has put together in order of importance:


Choose Location Wisely

While any location might be considered a good location to install a skylight, there are many factors that determine the absolute best location to install a skylight. The same considerations need be taken when choosing the proper type and size of skylight for the install and the need for accessories like blinds.

You should consider the direction the roof is facing where the skylight will be installed to determine the amount of exposure the skylight will receive. For example, if you install a skylight on a sloping roof that faces toward the south, you will need to take the long hours of exposure/direct sunlight into consideration. The sunlight will surely provide additional natural light to the living space but also has potential warm the room. If the warming effect of the direct sunlight is a concern, skylight blinds such as light filtering, room darkening, or venetian blinds may need to be considered as an accessory to the skylight. On the other hand, north facing skylights tend to offer diffused lighting year-round for a less intense effect. Take some time to inspect the way the sun moves over your home to help choose the ideal location for your next skylight installation.

Velux skylights in furnished living room

Living room with Velux Skylights


















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Go Big and Bright
Installing small skylights may seem like a good way to save money on your project but the larger your skylights are the more effective they’re bound to be overall – this alone may overshadow the savings you might’ve realized during the buying process. Consider spending a little more upfront for larger skylights as they are sure to pay for themselves in terms of convenience, airflow, and lighting benefits. Ideally, a skylight should be big enough to brighten at least half of the room it is in once it’s installed— the SkylightsForLess team is available to help answer any questions you have with regard determining the best type of skylight for your project as well as how each skylight you consider purchasing will perform once installed.

Velux Skylights in empty living area with lots of windows and a single folding chair

Room with Velux Skylights













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Use Skylight Blinds
Once your skylight is installed, you can ensure that the sun it lets through is both adequate and comfortable for the living space the skylight is servicing. Installing skylight blinds will provide some extra insulation to help better maintain comfortable temperatures indoors and minimize the wear and tear that is put on your HVAC system throughout the year. You may even save yourself some money on energy costs each month! Three types of blinds offered by Velux are:

Venetian Blinds provide the perfect combination of functionality and design. The simple control mechanism allows the venetian blind to be positioned at any point along the window while also allowing for better control over the amount of light the blind is passing. Not only are the Venetian blinds stylish, they are also functional and efficient helping to reduce heating and cooling costs. Gain up to 12% of energy efficiency from the insulating properties of a venetian blind.

Light Filtering Blinds offer a natural, soft, diffused lighting in the room as well as offering an energy efficiency of up to 16%. The diffused the light makes a living space more enjoyable and eliminates the glare caused by direct sunlight on surfaces like countertops and picture frame glass.

Room Darkening Blinds are designed to block sunlight in rooms that benefit from a darker setting. This type of blind is ideal for a bedroom or nursery space. Room darkening blinds offer an efficiency up to 20% with an aluminum coating on the back side of the blind that reflects sunlight and heat. Room darkening blinds are available in both manual and solar power models.

With the help of these tips and tricks, you should be able to enjoy perfect lighting all year long and you’ll increase your home’s eye appeal for potential buyers if you decide to put it on the market in the future.

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