Which Velux Skylight Is The Right One For You?

It is no secret that skylights are extremely beneficial to you and your family.  They not only maximize the daylight and ventilation inside of your home but save you money in the process.  For this reason, more and more folks are looking to have skylights installed in the roofs of their homes.

A lot of people aren’t aware, however, that skylights come in many different forms.  Velux, for example, has multiple types of skylights, each designed to meet a different set of needs and desires.  If you’re looking to have skylights installed in your home, you’ll benefit from taking a look at the variety of options Velux Skylights has to offer.  We’ve showcased a few of them below to give you an idea of the range of skylights available on the market.

Velux Fixed Skylights

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to add more light to the corridors, stairwells and other enclosed spaces in your home, the Velux fixed skylight may be what you need.  Fixed skylights are often what people think of when they have skylights in mind.  While these skylights can’t be opened like a window, they are a great way to brighten up any of the rooms in your home that are usually deprived of light.

Velux “Fresh Air” Skylights

The “Fresh Air” option is the Velux Skylight you’ll want if your kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom lacks either light or ventilation.  With a hinged mechanism that allows for opening and closing, these skylights enable you to fill your home with a clean and natural breeze.  Homeowners who choose the “Fresh Air” skylight can opt for the manual, electric or solar-powered version.

Velux Roof Windows

Many homeowners want to have skylights installed in their attics, above-garages and other areas that lack light due to the roof.  Velux Skylights offer roof windows that can transform these often-claustrophobic spaces into livable, light-filled rooms.  With both top-hinged and center-pivot options, these roof windows can be open and closed to let air into the most cramped rooms in your home.

Velux Roof-Access Windows 

Similar to Velux’s roof windows, roof-access windows can provide much needed light and ventilation to any room on the top floor of your home.  Unlike the roof window option, however, these Velux skylights open on a vertical hinge, giving you full access to the roof of your house.  Velux Roof-Access windows are a great way to give yourself a panoramic view of the environment that surrounds your home.

Velux Sun Tunnel Skylights

One of Velux Skylights’ most sought-after models, the Sun Tunnel is a skylight like no other.  These skylights integrate seamlessly into the roof of your house and have the appearance of ceiling lamps from inside your home.  Sun Tunnels are particularly popular with those homeowners seeking to add light to their home but don’t want a window-sized skylight.  They are installed as easily as any other Velux Skylight and are an elegant way to light up any kitchen, corridor, closet, bathroom or bedroom.

Velux Skylights in living-room

Velux Skylights in living-room